Board & Executive Remuneration Report

Uncover Board and Executive Remuneration with Australia’s Most Comprehensive Report

The most comprehensive salary benchmarking for executive and non- executive roles in Australia. With over 1,350 ASX listed companies included and 9,000 incumbents this report is the most comprehensive guide to Executive and Non-Executive Remuneration in Australia.

Board and executive remuneration is well publicised for large blue-chip companies, and we expect this trend to trickle down to juniors and mid-cap tier listed companies where there is a lack of equivalent affordable, granular and credible remuneration data available for defensible decision making.

Why Our Report is a Must-Have:

  • In-Depth Analysis: Dive deep into the remuneration trends that are shaping the industry. Our report covers fixed, variable, and total remuneration, providing you with the benchmarks needed to make informed decisions.
  • Timely Insights: With the equity markets facing unprecedented challenges, our report offers timely insights into how companies and leaders are adapting, focusing on mergers, acquisitions, and strategic leadership remuneration practices.
  • Strategic Guidance: Whether you are a company gauging appropriate remuneration levels before formal appraisals, or a director/executive establishing your market value, our report serves as a strategic guide in these complex times.

Features of the Report:

  • Exclusive Benchmarks: Get access to exclusive remuneration benchmarks and insights for ASX-listed companies.

    Sectors included in this report are:
    • Consumer
    • Energy
    • Financial
    • Healthcare
    • Industrial
    • Information Technology and Telecommunication
    • Mining and Metals
    • Real Estate
    • Utility
  • Expert Commentary: Our report is not just numbers. It includes expert commentary on the implications of current market trends on remuneration strategies.
  • Future Outlook: Gain a forward-looking perspective with our analysis on how ongoing changes in the market are likely to affect board and executive remuneration.

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Pricing and Subscription Options:

  • Complete Report and Insights: Over 1,350 listed companies with 9,000 incumbents, this report is a must-have for remuneration consultants, recruiters, remuneration committee chairs, board members, and executives. The report will be provided as a PDF or hard copy on request.
  • Select Full Role Report: The complete REMSMART Board and Executive Remuneration Guide is available in role-specific reports including all locations, tiers, and sectors.
  • REMSMART Board & Executive Cloud-based Portal (Insights Included): REMSMART understands that making the right decisions around remuneration ultimately impacts business performance. That’s why the cloud-based REMSMART portals bring together industry pay insights and in-depth market understanding to deliver an on-demand total reward solution.

    This industry-specific remuneration portals enable you to validate your remuneration data and compare against relevant peer group benchmarking data. The online portals feature a user-friendly dashboard supported by experienced remuneration professionals with a deep understanding of your industry. This unique combination enables you to make competitive retention and reward decisions.

You might be interested in understanding how REMSMART differs from the current remuneration databases, or the advice provided by audit firms. The performance of our salary survey in comparison to any other remuneration database can be attributed to three key factors.

  • Consider the following: There exists a delicate balance between engaging an independent advisor/auditor who also serves as your remuneration advisor. REMSMART provides an entirely independent source of information without the associated exorbitant fees.
  • This salary portal places the most recent remuneration data within reach, offering the flexibility to generate customized reports according to your requirements. It empowers you to determine the manner and timing of engaging supporting consulting services.
  • REMSMART facilitates mastery in decision-making, providing access to over 1,350 companies and their corresponding roles, thereby enhancing transparency in salary data that was previously challenging to obtain.

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