Board & Executives

Australia’s NEW Source of Truth for Executive Pay

REMSMART’s 2020 Board and Executive Pay survey, is Australia’s NEW source of truth for remuneration decisions.

This remuneration portal is a first in the market, and is a business critical compensation design tool for Remuneration Committees as we approach the reporting season.

With access to our subscription-based remuneration portal you can benchmark pay decisions for reportable executive positions against customisable peer groups, as well as create your own market for any individual position.

Salary Analytics:

  • ASX data for more than 1,700 listed companies
  • Over 9,000 reportable incumbents including roles from CEO through to Company Secretary and Project Exec
  • Benchmark pay decisions against customisable peer groups
  • Delivered in an easy to navigate and user-friendly dashboard
  • Subscriptions are fully supported by a consultative team as you need it
  • Hand audited source data for meaningful comparison where similar job profiles exist
11_Board & Executives Portal

Salary insights with independence

You might wonder how REMSMART performs differently from the current remuneration database or advice you receive from an audit firm. The way our salary survey outperforms any other remuneration database comes down to 3 key factors…

  1. Consider this…there’s a fine line between engaging an independent advisor/auditor, who is also your remuneration advisor. REMSMART offers a completely independent source of truth without the exorbitant fees
  2. This cost efficient salary portal puts the latest remuneration data at your fingertips, combining the flexibility to create custom reports as you need them, putting you in control to decide how and when you engage supporting consulting services 
  3. REMSMART enables decision making mastery, giving you more than 1,700 companies and associated roles, bringing greater transparency to previously hard to find salary data