Mining & Metals

Australia’s Trusted Mining Salary Survey

REMSMART’s mining and metals pay survey provides remuneration intelligence for HR decision-making and validation.

Where comparative pay information is required around what a role is paid vs the market, REMSMART is the source of truth underpinning remuneration reviews, reward design and creating competitive advantage.

REMSMART provides progressive businesses with on-demand pay insights and remuneration design mentorship via a user-friendly dashboard and personalised support.

The REMSMART Mining and Metals Pay Portal is updated biannually and provides different subscriber options for small and large business.

Cloud-based Mining Salary Analytics:

  • Search by role, function and department
  • Set parameters including: location, tier, gender, generation
  • Review base salary, total fixed remuneration and short term incentive comparisons
  • Hand audited data, matching 600+ roles from 70+ subscribers
  • Drag and drop comparisons and comparative report functionality
  • Secure ‘one time password’ functionality
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REMWATCH Mining Remuneration Report

Our biannual REMWATCH report is the most comprehensive pay and compensation review of Australia’s mining industry, drawing on the REMSMART salary database, reward insights and market research. 

Bringing together employment and salary trends in the mining and metals sectors, our subscriber base benefits from insights including:

  1. Which mining regions are paying the most
  2. Paid market premiums e.g., underground vs. surface
  3. Short term incentives in mining
  4. Structuring all market-related allowances 
  5. Trends in overall mining trends and market benchmarking
  6. COVID-19 mining industry response

Access the latest REMWATCH mining remuneration report here.