Australia’s Trusted Resource and Energy Salary Survey

REMSMART’s and the Australian Resource and Energy Employer Association (AREEA) have partnered to provide workforce insights and salary data at your fingertips. The Resource and Energy survey provides workforce insights and remuneration intelligence for HR decision-making and validation.

Where comparative pay information is required around what a role is paid vs the market, REMSMART is the source of truth underpinning remuneration reviews, reward design and creating competitive advantage.

REMSMART provides progressive businesses with on-demand pay insights and remuneration design mentorship via a user-friendly dashboard and personalised support.
The REMSMART Energy and Resource Portal is updated biannually and available to AREEA members and non members with subscriber options.

Resource & Energy

    Cloud-based Resource Remuneration Analytics and Workforce Insights:

  • Create customised a customised Peer group
  • Filter by sector, organisation size, state, region, roster, gender, grades and generational groupings and more
  • Review data on pay elements of base salary, total fixed remuneration and incentives with comparative functionality to assist with your decision making.
  • Create hybrid roles and review market data.
  • Create individual role reports and pivot with comparative and visual capabilities.
  • Hand audited data, matching 700+ roles from 115+ subscribers
  • Access support from a WA-based industry remuneration team
  • Exclusive Access to the Workforce Insights and Remuneration report containing market trends, salary projections, critical skills and demographics.
  • Secure ‘one time password’ functionality

Resource and Energy Workforce Insights and Remuneration report.

REMSMART has partnered with the Australian Resources and Energy Employer Association (AREEA) to provide a biannual workforce insights and remuneration intelligence to assist HR and decision makers with key labour issues, industry trends and market research.

This biannual report series, provides key salary, compensation and benefits data, alongside additional workforce intelligence information including:

  • Pay including premiums and market related allowances.
  • Incentives
  • Rosters
  • Leave entitlements
  • Training and Development
  • Turnover and
  • Workforce Behaviours


Making the right decisions around remuneration ultimately impacts performance. REMSMART brings together cloud-based pay insights and people expertise to deliver an on-demand total reward solution.

  • Resource & Energy

    Resource & Energy

    Australia’s trusted Resource and Energy salary survey

    REMSMART has partnered with the Australian Resources and Energy Employer Association (AREEA) to provide credible remuneration intelligence and workforce insights for HR decision-making and validation.

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  • Board & Executives

    Board & Executives

    Australia’s Source of Truth for ASX Executive and Boardroom Pay

    Back executive remuneration decisions with REMSMART’s publicly listed financial data in a cloud-based dashboard.

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  • Rail


    Australia’s trusted Railway Salary Survey

    REMSMART has partnered with the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) to create the first remuneration benchmarking platform designed especially for the rail industry. This survey is exclusive to ARA members.

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  • Total Reward Solutions

    Total Reward Solutions

    Meeting the pay demands of today, and tomorrow

    In the current market, there is no longer a ‘business as usual’ when it comes to remunerating and incentivising employees. REMSMART has the strategy and the insight required to build business stability when people and pay decisions are in play.

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Join REMSMART and find the perfect equation for your remuneration.

REMSMART clients have the latest Australian salary and compensation data at their fingertips, with the support of a real life remuneration team to assist in salary analytics and reward design strategy.

We’re more than a database, and we promise you will deal with real people who want to understand your business and how we can lift your people performance.

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